The show starts now!

A Stage that gives life to your favorite characters, the national ingredients.

Rehearsals that begin with each local producer and that will give life to a show on the main stage.

Azeite do Cobral

A family tradition, a century-old process and the harmony of a team. We present Azeites do Cobral, the secret of all our dishes.

We give Stage to sweet and intense olive oil, produced with care and delivered with quality.

Café FEB

Designed in a war environment and modernized to this day, FEB coffee is treated with love and care on a daily basis, following the same process. With a taste of tradition, it is the knowledge of a team that brings each bean to perfection.

We set the stage for the FEB café for an apotheotic finale.


It’s been 85 years at home, working only with Portuguese grapes and fulfilling the path left and continued until today. It is this combination of factors that guarantees the quality of the products from the São Domingos cellar.

We give Stage to your sparkling wines to guarantee the perfect combination between what you eat and what you drink.


From the university to our table, if only we were in the city of students! A more acidic beer than a bitter one, it is made with ingredients that are produced in-house or locally. It is famous for the different experience it provides and the perfect combination for any act.

We give Stage to Luzia beers for a new level of spectacle!

carlos valente

His grandfather’s experience and his granddaughter’s modernization lead Carlos Valente milling to open its doors to all of us. A house that knows the path of its products well, that knows how to tell the story and that brings us memories through the taste.

We give Stage to your cereals, which have as much flavor as they do tradition!

Quinta dos Sardões

Products accompanied from the seed to your plate! A cycle that begins and ends in the eyes of those who care for them with passion and dedication, ensuring the quality of what we deliver.

We give stage to various foods, which to the taste of the four seasons develop in the most natural way.

Super Local

The superhero of the city of Coimbra who saves the landscape, reduces the ecological footprint and gives flavor to our actions.

Quality comes from delivery and dedication to the products, maintaining their cultural identity, freshness and quality.

We give Stage to the various vegetables and fruits that make our show even more enjoyable.


A story that begins at the harvest and ends in the bottle. They take the best of their land, embrace the raw material and respect nature. With passion for the product and a spirit of innovation, they bring us Portugal in a bottle.

We give Stage to Gin Adamus, for a sophisticated touch before, during or after your meal.


There are 5 different species and we use them all! This family project spices up this show with its fresh products and for all kinds of recipes!

We give Stage to your cereals, which have as much flavor as they do tradition!

horta da ria

Taking full advantage of what the Atlantic has to offer, Horta da Ria has created a fresh product, from Aveiro, for your plate.

We give Stage to salicornia, an addition to our menu for the wonderful flavor it gives to any recipe.


A 41-year-old family business, focused on the right treatment of your product.

We give Stage to your snails, a different element in our menu for a unique and memorable show.

ostras em casa

There are 250 thousand in total, but these are here just for you. They have a strict and demanding follow-up that guarantees the growth and strengthening of each one.

We give stage to these oysters, which, being between fresh and salt water, add the perfect flavor to your show.


A business born of promise, love and family dedication. A business that goes beyond a product, but that delivers experience, knowledge and exclusivity.

We give Stage to your fresh meats for recipes full of tradition.


The secret is in the water, in the process and in the good disposition of those who make it. It’s 32 years of experience that make this unique product the best in the area.

We give stage to these lupines that innovate our acts and make our show authentic.


It was in 2012 that Alga+ created a biological and sustainable way of producing seaweed from the Atlantic area.

In 2022, join our show to create the tastiest dishes.

We give Stage to your seaweed, a different ingredient, healthy and adaptable to the various options we have for you.

Verdes do mondego

From production to your plate in an hour, this product is delivered fresh, without waste and in miniature! But don’t be put off by the size, the real power is in the taste! 100% organic, excellent quality and daily care with a personal touch!

We give Stage to mini vegetables, sown with love and harvested to give flavor.

Adega de Cantanhede

With 68 years of experience and being one of the largest producers in Bairrada, Adega de Cantanhede always delivers its products with the excellence and quality of true professionals.

We give Stage to your wines with the certainty of adding more flavor to your meal

Casa de Saima

With a rich history and a passion for confectionery that is reflected in every creation, Pastelaria Afonso is a key player in the desserts and sweets on offer at our restaurant.

Discover the passion and care that goes into each bottle of wine, elements that enrich not only our menu, but also the experience of each customer who visits us.

O Afonso

With 68 years of experience and being one of the largest producers in Bairrada, Adega de Cantanhede always delivers its products with the excellence and quality of true professionals.

Come with us on this delicious journey and see how Pastelaria Afonso contributes to making every experience at Palco even sweeter and more memorable, with desserts that delight the eye and seduce the palate.

Arroz Maiorca

This distinctive grain, cultivated with dedication and tradition, is more than a basic ingredient: it is an expression of agricultural wealth and gastronomic heritage.

We give Stage to your wines with the certainty of adding more flavor to your meal

Salinas Figueira da Foz

Here we explore the sparkling salt pans under the Portuguese sun, learning about the artisanal process that transforms seawater into high-quality salt crystals.

Discover how the salt from Salinas Figueira da Foz is essential in the creation of Palco's dishes, adding not only flavor, but also history and depth to each recipe.

Quinta do Sanheiro

This farm, dedicated to cultivating premium quality mushrooms, is a fundamental pillar in our search for exceptional ingredients. 

These foods add flavor and a unique texture to our dishes, contributing to gastronomic experiences that enchant and surprise.

Licor beirão

We celebrate the flavors that define Portuguese culture, and Licor Beirão is a gem in our range of beverages. 

With its complex yet smooth palate, Licor Beirão enhances both our cocktails and the digestive moments after a meal, offering a sophisticated and authentic experience.


A producer known for its dedication to sustainable beekeeping, supplies pure and aromatically rich honey that enhances various creations in our restaurant. 

This natural ingredient is carefully selected to ensure that each experience at Palco is not only delicious but also genuinely enriching.

5 chagas

With a tradition rooted in the art of beer production.

Cinco Chagas is a reference in creating beverages of unparalleled quality and flavor.


With an unwavering commitment to local and sustainable production.

Flor de Chão offers a variety of fresh and delicious fruits, vegetables, and horticultural products.


With a tradition of excellence in fishing and trading seafood products.

Lugrade is a reference when it comes to quality and freshness.

Irmãos Norinho

With an unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability.

Irmãos Norinho provide Palco with fresh and high-quality eel and lamprey of national origin.

Vinhos pingarelho

Discover the story behind Pingarelho Wines.

A true jewel from the central region of Portugal!

Fumeiro Arganil

Feel the true taste of tradition.

With sausages from our local producer!


Each fruit is harvested by hand with love and dedication.

Resulting in intense and delicious flavors.

Caves messias

Messias Wines are a perfect example of this winemaking legacy.

Each bottle tells a story of passion and dedication, conveying the unique character of the local lands.

Luís Neto

On a trip to Tábua, Luís Neto gives us a better understanding of Yacon production.

We give Stage to the richness of vegetables, the true protagonists that enrich our gastronomic spectacle.


A conscientious company focused on practicing and promoting what will make a difference for our planet’s future.

We give Stage to the chocolate that brings life to our dessert stage.

Adega Luís Pato

From Bairrada to the world since the 18th century. They strive to innovate and do something new with each harvest, but quality remains a constant.

We give Stage to the wines that are a symbol of centuries-old tradition.