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A Stage that gives life to your favorite characters, the national ingredients.

Rehearsals that begin with each local producer and that will give life to a show on the main stage.

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The taste of the show

The final apotheosis comes from nature and lasts on everyone's palate. The experience of the best and freshest seasonal products from the central area, transformed into a menu that reflects the passion and dedication of the Chef.

We are open

Monday | Thursday | Friday | Saturday

12h30 – 14h30  e  19h30 – 22h30

Sunday – 12h30 – 15h00

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O Palco

Faithful to what the Earth has to offer and believing that it is not a one-man show, this Stage shares each act as the result of learning, curiosity and the commitment of Marco Almeida and his team.

Marco Almeida

Marco Almeida

With vast experience in the culinary world, Marco Almeida defines cooking as a spectacle. This show he wanted to share with the world, creating his own Stage and choosing the main artists.

He divided this experience into acts, and in each of them he could taste the Chef’s dedication, knowledge and gift.

Marco, believes in the story of each ingredient, knows the process of each producer and designs each dish with the passion for his art.

Welcome to our show,