Equilibrium Menu

The “Equilibrium Menu” is an invitation to a flavor journey where each dish serves as a stage for our land’s produce and our team’s creativity. A standing ovation to the best that the locality has to offer, this menu respects proximity and seasonality, in a celebration that nourishes the body and stimulates your senses.

Throughout this journey of twelve scenes, we propose more than a meal: a sensory and conscious experience that highlights the harmony between sea and land, the rural and the urban, without forgetting our responsibility as consumers and connoisseurs of the art of the best made in the central coast of Portugal.

Therefore, we invite you to discover Palco’s “Equilibrium Menu,” a work of authentic flavors that tell stories, where each act and each scene unveil a new chapter of our commitment to excellence and sustainability.

Be part of this gastronomic narrative where we reinvent traditions.

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Allergen List

1 – Glúten | 2 – Crustaceans | 3 – Eggs | 4 – Fish | 5 – Peanuts | 6 – Soy 7 – Milk | 8 – Nuts | 9 – Celery | 10 – Mustard | 11 – Sesame Seeds 12 – Sulfur dioxide and sulfites | 13 – Molluscs | 14 – Lupine

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The final apotheosis comes from nature and lasts on everyone's palate. We give credit to the producers in the central region who supply our protagonists in this show.

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